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Salahuddin Khawaja is founder of Decklaration. He lives in New York. He has spent 15+ years in the financial sector in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Initially 11+ years as a management consultant with Deloitte. He then moved to J. P. Morgan and Bank of America where he spent 5 years in the field of Investment Banking running transformation related projects. In pursuit of his passion for design and story-telling, he started Decklaration to contribute to this ever-evolving field. He is an epitome of work-hard & play-hard.


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Claudio Fiorani hails from Italy and is currently living in Hartford, Connecticut. He is Director Marketing at Decklaration. He has 10+ years of experience in marketing and has worked for big names like Deloitte. He has spent his professional life mastering the complexities and intricacies of business analysis and project management. He handles every project in his own special way giving it a distinct savory flavor. It is his charismatic personality that fuels the team to keep achieving bigger and bigger goals.


Sabeen UX Designer

Sabeen Shahid is Senior Designer at Decklaration and lives in New York. She started her career in banking. She has a flair for aesthetics and design which she portrays beautifully in her work. She has crafted various data-driven products for a vast range of clients including consulting firms, financial services, luxury e-commerce and healthcare firms. She is of the view that to be a good storyteller, one should have a fair understanding of human psychology and a firm grasp on the art of narration through design. On weekends, she can be found taking photographs all over New York.



Myles Jones is a UIX Consultant who  graduated from Parsons School of Design, with a degree in Communication Design. As a designer, his goal is to problem solve and create viable solutions for a vast array of clients. Additionally, as a designer, his goal is to think intersectionally about how his designs will be perceived and used by a myriad of users. For example, he likes to center his designs around making sure that he is developing content that is accessible to every user, including those with sensory processing disabilities and visually impaired users.


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Hassan Aftab is a Content Strategist at Decklaration with a focus on graphic design and story-telling. He has a bachelors in Economics and Politics. A degree in social sciences along with a deep love for Literature gives him all the necessary tools to reshape any idea into a flowing, coherent story that resonates with the audience. Graduating in 2015, he not only brings his skills but an entrepreneurial and managerial spirit to the table as well. Being a poet and a star-gazer, he has a rather creative soul that lets its presence felt time and time again in his work. His love for art and literature speaks volumes about the charm he adds to his work.

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Yassar Saleem is a Design Consultant at Decklaration with a profound interest in creative design. An Electrical Engineer by profession, his pursuit for happiness lead him to the uncharted territories where free spirited creative minds dwell. With a firm grasp on digital graphics, he possesses the ability to give a complete makeover to a simple idea. He has a special knack for both presentation design and web development. Want a corporate identity for your brand? He can literally make your brand look good online.


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Storytelling is a natural gift that cannot be inculcated. We are always in search of individuals who have a special aptitude for design and storytelling. We value creativity, agility, and innovation. If you are the odd one out of the crowd, you might just be our kind of guy or girl.

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