UX Design Trends That’ll Prevail in 2019

2018 has introduced several new technologies in smartphones, e-commerce platforms and wearable gadgets, with user experience being the main focus for the developers. They tried and tested some new UX design techniques and dropped the ones that didn’t work. The ones that did work and had the potential to evolve further constitute the UX trends that’ll prevail in the new year 2019.

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Either you’re a professional designer working for different clients or planning to launch a website or mobile app for your own brand, the following UX design trends should be something you better keep an eye on.

Personalized User Experience

Ours is a world where people are always short of time. So, if a website or app is smart enough to remember the user’s last session, provide results based on their location, can integrated other apps/ services, and offers customized solutions through chat bots, then it can certainly consider itself to be successful in 2019.

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AR Enhanced User Experience

You’d be hearing about augmented reality and its scope in the industry from quite a long time now, however AR is now actually being used by famous brands like IKEA and Zara to enhance user experience through AR displays for their customers. So, taking the trend further, this year we can expect AR to leave the confines of a screen and create an ambiance where user will be able to actually interact with the product. Sound like the future is already here!

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Voice-activated UI

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant have already made it the new normal to command certain action to an electronic device with your own voice. The users loved it so much that now they want to see it other areas as well. So, in this year developers are going to use voice activated interface in e-commerce platforms where users would be able to ask for their required product.

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Improved Performance

Well, this is not exactly a trend because no matter which year it is you need to constantly take measures to improve your website or app’s performance. The key elements that affect your website or app’s overall performance include:

  1. Page loading speed – how quickly your mobile app launches or your website’s page load

  2. Responsiveness - your product should look equally impressive on desktop, table or smartphone

  3. Cloud storage – capacity to store user data

  4. Security – authentication techniques and password management

  5. Navigation – menus, tabs, pages etc.

These are just a few trends in UX design that were in use in 2018 and will continue to enhance and expand into different fields in 2019. However, we will also see some new techniques and technology emerging in this year as UX will always be evolving with it’s user’s needs.