Take your Presentation Deck to the next level

In this growing world of competition and the thirst to do better and bigger, individuals are always on the lookout for ways to set themselves apart. PowerPoint usage is commonplace, and while it is a promising tool, it has its share of drawbacks if not used effectively. PowerPoint is a compelling application, but unfortunately, very few people have truly realized its potential and hence made it their best companion while delivering impactful presentations. One does not have to master every feature of PowerPoint but learn specific hacks or tricks to level up their performance.

1. Animations

While most of us have used animations panel on our slide decks, very few people are aware of the possible layers of customizations. Animations, if used at the appropriate place and in the right amount, can do wonders for your presentation. It breathes life in a presentation, and this dynamic movement draws audience interest and engagement. These animations can be customized by sequence, duration, opening, and closing effects, etc. Motion Paths are also a custom feature in animations pane which allows you to move objects on a screen while you (the presenter) can control the path and speed of the object.


2. Ink your smart ideas

PowerPoint is only becoming more intelligent with every passing moment. One of the latest features of PPT allows to ink your thoughts into sketches which are then picked up by the tool and converted into print text. It doesn’t stop here! The design suggestions pane opens automatically from where a suitable design can be picked and applied on the slide.


3. Smartboard

All those who religiously watch weather forecast news would know what Smartboards are for precisely. The crisp touchscreen allows you to zoom in or zoom out parts of an image etc. Smartboards are slowly making their place in presentation boardrooms therefore if you know your slide deck would run on one of these then you should make use of it and gain that extra edge in your performance.


4. Add narrations

Hearing the same voice in a lengthy presentation can be a mood-killer and can put your audience to sleep. A high-tech way out of this is to add narrations in your slide of either your voice or someone else's. A voiceover of a different gender than yours would trigger a different perspective and emotions while simultaneously draw the lost attention of your audience, leaving a lasting impact.