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The Scientific Framework of Storytelling

In the world of marketing today, storytelling has become an important and a universally accepted phenomenon that is said to work wonders. It promises greater influence and greater engagement. But have you ever wondered what is it that makes it so captivating? Let’s take a look at the scientific framework and some explanation as to how storytelling works.

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From Attention Seeking to Presentation

The businesses that are highly ambitious are always aiming towards pitching their ideas to potential clients. Most of the time, the first step isn’t an actual pitch. Rather, you need to send a pitch deck to the relevant department of your potential client to see if they are interested in your offerings.

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The "Mad Scientist" behind one of the best storytelling product design

On top of his problem-solving and exceptional storytelling abilities, Tinker was never shy of dreaming big. He always had one eye set on the future of the shoes. Shoes, that were smart enough to sense what was required of them. And that is where his work on the movie “Back to the Future” came in handy.

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