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Top Trends in Graphic Design for 2019

The year, 2019, has been spectacular thus far for graphic design, and nothing is holding it back from setting new trends and breaking old records, and pushing its own boundaries. While specific trends were predicted earlier this year, the scale at which these have been experimented and used in design across the globe is undoubtedly astonishing. While the list is never-ending, we have compiled some of the top trends for 2019 in no order. 

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The Most Effective Styles for Presenting Data in Presentations

Statistics is presentations is usually associated with the words: boring and dry but we are sharing an old TEDTalk by Hans Rosling where he delivered a very interesting talk on presenting data in presentations with the use of six simple styles which can transform any plain full-of-data presentation into a very attention-grabbing one.

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Business Success with Data Visualization and Use of Infographics

Nowadays, design is playing an increasingly important role in creating value for businesses; and infographics is an important part of the design philosophy. Businesses today use infographics in presentations and trainings to clarify messages and simplify communication.

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