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Lahore - A Hub of Art and Design

Lahore is a city that can rightfully be called the design capital of South Asia. This is reflected from the rich architecture of the city which carry in itself the remarkable influence of all the people who have made Lahore their home through the centuries. The storied traditions of art & design manifest itself in the form of arts, music, food, folklore, theater and craftsmanship. The design culture of the city can simply be characterized as flamboyant. It is often nuanced but is so diverse that each design carries its own influence, its own inspiration.

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Brand Guidelines: Backbone of a Business Identity

The elements together, which are divided into style guides for copy and style guides for visuals, need to be in concert. For example, the choice of colors for your brand will be used in the logo, in the typography and in the design of the website.

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The Bold and the Beautiful: A New Niche of Digital Illustrations

Playing with bold colors and geometric shapes is the new interest for many illustrators today. One such artist is Samy Halim who likes to create brilliant artwork on the digital medium and makes it look like traditional paintings.

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