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How to avoid 'Death by PowerPoint'

You have been warned! 'Death by PowerPoint' is a term referred to bad presentations as the name suggests. Have you ever sat through a presentation that puts you to sleep or seems like never-ending torture? Well, all of us have been there, done that. Text-heavy slides, dysfunctional graphics, disconnect between the presenter and the deck, etc. are some attributes of such presentations. The term, 'Death by PowerPoint' is attributed to Angela R. Garber, who has successfully summarized everything that could go wrong in a performance. Over the years, presenter coaches and gurus have crafted several tips and tricks to avoid Death by PowerPoint.

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4 Ways to Make Brainstorming Sessions More Constructive

No matter how creative the team is, it is a challenge to come up with good ideas for your next big project or presentation and it requires time. A brainstorming session done correctly is not only good for your business but is also a good mental exercise for you and your team.

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