Storytelling: The right way to do it

What makes a story great? And what makes someone listen to a story attentively?

According to Andrew Stanton, film director/producer/screenwriter at Pixar, it is when you make your audience care. And like him, every film director and screenwriter of the industry has emphasized the same. No matter what the industry, simply giving away some information can never get the message across effectively.

How you present it' is what makes all the difference. If you really have to grab someone’s attention and make a lasting impression, you have to touch their hearts; because human beings are emotional by nature and will respond to emotions.

Stanton delivered a TED talk in which he talks about exactly this. His secret: start with a joke. And not just any joke. It should be something engaging and relevant. Following slideshow presents salient features of his talk and what we can learn about storytelling and impressive presentation from him. (Notes are captioned)

Inspiration: Article by Garr Reynolds