A Tale of Research, Reporting, and Presentation Design

Research is a word that we hear abundantly in academia no matter what the discipline. At some point in life, every college graduate had to turn in a research paper or a detailed report prepared after extensive research. So, most of us already have an idea about research no matter how vague the notion.

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To conduct a basic research in today’s digital age, we can simply go online and read up on a bunch of articles from different sources. We can take what we need, cite the sources and voila, we get enough evidence to support our claims.

While we piggyback on authentic sources to lend support to or to refute a claim or argument, there was some serious effort involved in making that source respectable enough to be citable. That effort is an amalgamation of hypothesis testing through methodology, field work, and data analysis otherwise collectively known as research.

Ranging from a simple online search to rigorous field work and data analysis, research can be as diverse as the species in the animal kingdom.

Research has far reaching implications in every walk of life from natural to social sciences. It won’t be unfair to say that all of the development (whether technological or human) that we see today is a fruit of research conducted spanning over many generations by scholars, academics, and scientists. Moving forward, research is helping us improve our daily lives by presenting innovative solutions to the problems we encounter in our personal and professional lives.

We all know how problem solving is at the heart of business ideas. No idea or service born without being a solution to an important problem ever becomes a successful business.

With the start-up culture of today, we see a lot of nascent businesses offering innovative solutions to seemingly real problems.

However, what causes many of the products being offered to never see the light of the day is the lack of market research. A problem that might seem huge on paper or in the personal experience of the founders and co-founders might not be that big on the ground. Investing or not investing money in research is the line between success and failure in most of these cases.

Even for large corporations, research and development is pretty much the answer for staying ahead of the competition. Be it a modification and improvement of an existing product or the development of a new line of products, research always plays a pivotal part in making these ventures success stories. Many giants in the business world have a dedicated research and development department to conduct research for ventures such as these.

As for the businesses that find it difficult to have a dedicated department due to financial limitations, there is always an option to outsource their research needs to another business offering research services.

These businesses that offer such services really crank it up a notch. With a team of experienced researchers and data scientists, they can not only produce data from rigorous field work but can also crunch the numbers using new or existing databases to pull amazing results. The correlations found from the regression analysis really help their clients to see the otherwise unforeseeable. The research results are tested under different assumptions to see the consistency of the results. Once conclusive, the results are then published in the form of detailed reports and are then handed over to the clients.

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Between conducting the fieldwork, crunching the numbers, and compiling the results, a lot is going on. A lot of times an important piece of information can get buried in a plethora of text during compilation. A research business may be great in pulling out amazing results from seemingly obscure databases but at the same time, it might lag at the reporting front.

While the art of reporting is thought to be a no brainer with a clear set of defined rules, there is actually more to it than many of us think.

With the advent of smart technology, everything is being transformed in to a smarter and more efficient version of its former self. This transformation has been made possible with a fusion of design and technology. Today, the smart design is making its way into everything. While text-ridden detailed reports have their own charm and use, disseminating the gist of the story by effectively getting your point across lays on the shoulders of presentation. Reports can be boring to read with a lot of information scattered across the pages. With an effective and compelling presentation, reporting becomes an art.

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Looking at a visually pleasing piece of art displaying only the important information that actually matters, relieving you of the burden of extensive reading during which you never stop worrying about having missed something of sheer importance is for most people, a sigh of relief. This is the true power of impactful presentations. However, there are a lot of dos and don’ts when you move towards mastering the art of presentations. It is not as simple as putting your points on a bunch of slides and then sprinkling a few pictures here and there. There is a whole science behind it that demands to be properly understood before daring to explore this territory.

infographics in presentation design
infographics in presentation design.jpg

For every corporate deck, there has to be certain rules and guidelines that are to be adhered. Not to mention the element of storytelling that connects your deck together making it look and sound like a piece of beautiful literature. Not to mention the delicate balance between text and visual elements so that the audience maintains attention towards the speaker while looking at the information that matters. These are just a few things that determine the fate of your presentation. Better let a professional handle it for you than risking a potential mess up.

So, if you are a research business, I would advise you to be focused on deriving meaningful results out of data and to hire a presentation expert for reporting the results. The detailed reports will still go to your clients but with the additional benefit of reporting the important results via presentations, you will be able to sell your research in a more effective way. If you are looking for outsourcing your presentation needs to a design agency rather than having an in-house expert, you might want to consider Decklaration

Decklaration is a design agency at its core with a focus on presentation creation and design. We have master storytellers with us who have the capacity to give a complete makeover to a complex idea such that it looks simple yet appealing on screen. All of this is done via the art of presentation and graphic design.

We have a diverse team fully capable of research and business analysis in addition to presentation design.

This gives us a sound basis to create a complete storytelling deck from scratch based on a one-liner idea.

We can make your research look refined and highlighted on screen. With the focus on right pieces of data, you will be able to deliver an effective pitch to the client. We will help you create a story that effectively resonates with your clients. We specialize in developing pitch decks through the art of storytelling. Reporting your research results of a past project within an effective narrative to pitch your services to potential clients can help you land more projects and that too from high profile clients.

Take your reporting game to the top with our services. We have off-shore resources to spare which you can hire in a very reasonable price point. Click here for consultation on your project and click the portfolio button above to see our work. Happy researching!