Presentation and the fickle ways of the Internet World

Just two and a half decades back if someone had told you that very soon you would be able to have the knowledge of the whole world right at your fingertips, you would have deemed that person crazy. Hell, if somehow a person from just a century ago happens to visit the good old 21st century through a mysterious wormhole or something, he would be seen running around in the streets in his pajamas shouting “Sorcery! Sorcery!” It may be debatable how a person advanced enough to travel through a wormhole would consider our meager technological advances as “sorcery” but, what the hell. Imagination is a powerful thing.

In the early days of the internet, most of the content that existed online was text based. The evolution (as with all things natural) gradually shaped the internet’s DNA resulting into the diversity of content we see online these days. The very human desire for craving beauty urged the content creators to light up the dark text based world of internet with their creative and artful presentations.

Today, design has become a vital element of online presentations be it in the form of company profiles, ecommerce stores, magazines, and even craigslist.

Presentation has dominated the world of web design as it is now considered as the first and foremost way to grab the reader’s attention that urges him/her to scroll further down to learn more rather than bouncing off immediately.

The attention span of a typical internet user is rather fickle. So the first impression is really important here. While most of the spamming websites bombard its audience with annoying pop-ups and unrealistic tempting offers, legitimate businesses prefer to make extra effort towards presenting themselves in a way that impresses a the heck out of any potential customer. Presentation has grown to be one of the vital pillars upon which you rest your business case and tell the world how you are going to create value for them.

Presentation goes a long way in grabbing user attention and forcing them to linger on for just enough time for your business to make its mark.

A smooth website experience with proper navigation and good content is at the heart of lead scoring through website optimization. But every once in a while we all happen to stumble upon an expired link or a piece of content that doesn’t exist on the website anymore. Behold, the mighty “Error 404”. We all know the pain of clicking a link just to be notified that the link has perished from the face of the internet due to some catastrophic event that took place in a far off land somewhere along the servers of that website’s web hosting. Annoying, right? It suddenly ruins the whole experience and compels us to just kill the tab and be done with it.

Interestingly, Invision App in its latest blog has featured some of the most amazing presentations of “Error 404” that has the full capacity to blow our minds. So, with full credit to the original creators of these awesome pieces of presentation for “Error 404”, we proudly share with you some of the most amazing makeovers of one of the most annoying internet errors of our generation.

Seriously, this amazing presentation makes us want to click a broken link just to have the privilege of stumbling upon one of these amazing pieces of art. Enjoy!


All credits to original creators. Please visit the InVision article below for credits and more info.