Minimalism: A modern approach to website design

As the World Wide Web became overwhelming with technological overload in recent times, the user base started to seek an exit from this organized chaos. And just like that, minimalism was born!

Minimalism, simply put, is the art of doing more with less and in tech world, is a term used for design.

The concept is most relevant to website design and is something which is gaining increasing popularity in modern times.

Think for yourself, would you rather enjoy looking at a website cluttered with features, images, buttons, blocks and lots of text or something which is visually pleasing.


Decklaration is a services company providing design and development solutions to clients. Notice how there are just a couple of images with vivid colors serving as the background and rest is simply text with a uniform font. The website has delivered its entire sales pitch in just about hundred words. If it was an old design, there would be a company tag line below the logo, at least a couple more navigation tabs, a bunch of CTA buttons, social buttons, detailed information on what the company is about and of each service its providing. Moreover, the images would be more literal; computers, tech gadgets, HTML codes, drawings, pens and pencils, a tea cup maybe, you get our point! Have any question or message? Lets connect.

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Now there are some popular approaches to minimalistic website design. First, minimalism is a huge advocate of the good use of negative space on a web page.

Moreover, since there is less design, more focus is on the content and hence the typography should be stunning; dramatic even.

The main idea behind minimalism is to get rid of excess elements and that applies to the navigation menu also.Make a ‘hidden navigation’; keeping only what’s absolutely necessary. Create a special connection with your users with powerful use of images/photography; such that sets the whole vibe of your website. Look at the Decklaration website. The images are large, bright, HD and sets the mood for the theme. And last but not the least, a minimalistic web design also takes into account small details; solid grid, proper alignment and a nice visual balance all make for an effective minimal design.

You would think a minimalistic website is so easy to design because it’s so simple but, in fact, it is much more complex.

The very reason that it has fewer elements makes it a task to adjust them in a balanced way providing optimum usability and pleasing aesthetics.

One has to remember that there’s a fine line between minimalism and a website that looks unfinished or boring. A minimal website design looks simple at first look but has every element thought out thoroughly and placed strategically.