Latest Trends in Graphic Design Every Designer Should Know About

Design industry, probably more than any other industry, is the one to move quickly. Which is why graphic designers, web developers and brand managers should always stay on top of their game to keep up with the rapidly changing trends in the field. This will ensure that everything you do for your client resonates with their audience.

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According to experts, following are the latest trends in Graphic Design that every designer should know about:

1. Animation

GIFs are the new emojis. You see them everywhere on social media which tells us that motion is taking precedence over stills in the design world and catches the audience’s eye. Animated design is getting popular for use on websites and blogs and designers are coming up with out of the box ideas to beat competition.

GIPHY is a good resource to sparkle your blog with GIFs, 

2. Gradients

Gradients were popular in the 90s but they are making a comeback in 2018. One most prominent example is Instagram’s logo which also shows that it is time for bold and juicy colors rather than the old-school single-color gradient.

UI Gradients is a useful resource for preset gradients.

Ibiza Sunset

Ibiza Sunset


3. Vivid Color Schemes

Unconventional color combinations are taking the center stage lately. Designers are getting adventurous with colors and going for the bold. One such example is eBay’s rebranding which features a combination of navy and teal. In theory, when you think of such a color combination it seems wild but when put together, it looks striking. Another such combination is teal and orange which is also getting much popularity these days.

Color-Hex has many preset color palettes that can save you a lot of hustle.

Summertime 2 Color Palette

Summertime 2 Color Palette


4. Text with Shadow

A large number of brands have started to use drop shadows to make the text pop out. Coinciding with using unconventional color schemes as mentioned above, drop shadows can actually help in creating a great contrast between the text and the background.

5. Icons

To make a lasting impression of their brand identity, businesses are inclining towards iconification more and more. Take for example the thumbs up of Facebook, the chimpanzee of Mailchimp and the box avatar of Dropbox. Experts believe this trend will catch on widely very soon with businesses using sleek and creative vectors to build a thought-provoking and an interesting brand.

Iconification of Decklaration

Iconification of Decklaration