Lahore - A Hub of Art and Design

Lahore is the design capital of South Asia. The design culture of the city can simply be characterized as flamboyant. It is often nuanced but is so diverse that each design carries its own influence, its own inspiration.

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The storied traditions of design manifest itself in many forms: art, architecture and craftsmanship.


Today the city attracts patrons of art & design who love to work in the surroundings that oozes creativity. People and organizations showcase experimental and independent art projects through platforms such as Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Shakir Ali Museum and Lahore Biennale. Such organizations are working towards building a robust ecosystem where art & design thrives and flourishes.



Lahore has the rich architecture that is found spread around the city in the form of colonial style buildings, mosques, temples, gardens and remnants of forts.




Food Street





Lahore also boasts of its population of craftsmen and artisans who bring the unified culture of South Asia in their work. These skilled craftsmen are not only keeping some ancient traditions of craftsmanship alive but also adding a modern touch to it for it to appeal to masses. Most notable in this regard is Daachi Foundation which holds the annual Daachi Arts and Crafts Exhibition showcasing work of artisans from across the country.

Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing



Hand Loom

Hand Loom


Modern Touch

On the whole, Lahore is a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone looking for an amalgamation of traditional and modern design; a pluralistic paradigm of spirituality and materialism, of fantasy and realism.