The Comprehend Vs Misapprehend

How many times have we tried to give up just because we couldn’t understand something? Something in our life which left us puzzled and lost in the middle of the path. So many times we have argued, fought, and got tired over something we all couldn’t reach to one point. We all couldn’t just understand. We struggled in understanding human beings the most, and making human beings understand something that we are thinking or saying, just like explaining social media apps to your grandparents.

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Similarly, in professional world where the life is tougher, explaining your idea especially explaining a new idea which leads to a change always demands powerful and effective tool to convince your audience. Which is why today’s world has shifted to design thinking which is visualization of anything through a creative process. Design thinking has become necessary because attention is considered as a valuable asset nowadays and to capture someone’s attention, designs and graphics appeal the most to a human eye. Just like movies, TV shows, advertisements remain with us forever because of the images and visuals that are carved into our minds. This requires a thorough creative process of problem solving thinking to provide the easiest yet unique solution.

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So, choosing all the best designs without crafting its proper direction without thinking will become a total waste. But there are many hurdles in the way of thinking, especially when thinking out of the box because we are constrained by our unwarranted assumptions and rigid thoughts that we ignore the most obvious, subtle and innovative ideas. Let’s explain you with a story which is about a truck driver who tried to pass under the low bridge but got stuck under it and failed to drive through or reverse out. This caused massive traffic problems which urged many people including police officers, engineers and experts to think about the solution. Some people suggested to dismantle truck parts, while some were suggesting to break some part of the bridge. During this, a boy passed through them and witnessed the debate over the solution and nonchalantly suggested to let the air out of the tires. The suggestion was tested and the truck driver was easily through the bridge.

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This amazed the experts and proved that some obvious solutions are right in front of us. We just don’t think out of our constrained minds.

Moreover, design thinking has shifted boring formal meetings into an engaging and interesting ones by sticking heads together to work through the methodology of design thinking to face any kind of business challenge.

But why have I given examples and explained you design thinking with a story? It is because humans are emotional creatures who are moved by the power of storytelling. We have always been storytelling animals because long before languages were introduced, people communicated with each other through various forms of storytelling like poetry, art, myths, songs and even gossips. But its effectiveness still has not faded yet as in today’s modern world, the new form of storytelling is in the form of social media. The rising trend of blogging, v-logging etcetera are the truest forms of storytelling to touch the emotions of people thus building relationship with the audience. According to Forbes article, storytelling should be a priority for marketers as it is an important strategic tool which helps in building deeper connection with your audience, proofs to be powerful method for learning and lets marketers engage consumers in a fragmented media world.

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Storytellers are found anywhere, either in your friends, your family or in your professional team who always come to rescue when you need to convince your teacher, your parents or even your boss. So this shows that storytelling and design thinking both are the valuable skills for problem solving and convincing your decision makers. But the problem is that not everyone is good at these skills so where to get these powerful skills from? That is where we, comes at your service to provide you with the best service to cater these skills. Decklaration is a design agency which is based in New York and Lahore Pakistan which works together with the businesses to help them increase reach and truly engage their audience. We can provide you with the best design solutions that will cater your business’ creative needs by constructing narratives for storytelling and formulating methodologies for design thinking.