Designing in the Information Overload World

Internet is a place where anyone can publish anything. And Web Designing is a line of work where guides and tutorials has a huge demand and supply, the latter more so because the web is actually what designers work with so creating personal blogs and sharing their experiences and opinions comes easy to them. With this much content out there, it actually becomes hectic what to follow, who to listen to and whose ideas work.

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This is design information overload and following are a few tips how you can handle the overwhelming information without getting confused and use it to your advantage.

Learn the Art of Skimming

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You can’t keep track of everything. Learn to skim through updates and filter content instead of checking everything in detail. You only have so much time, use it to make yourself more efficient.

Don’t Feel Pressurized

There’s some new tool coming out every other day which can make you feel you are not catching up with new trends and that can become a cause of anxiety and affect your work. Sure some of these new tools do become useful but most of them are fleeting and trying to learn them as soon as possible as a way to enhance your expertise will not do you any good. What you can do instead is to wait out till you are absolutely sure something is actually proved to be useful before starting to learn it.

Manage Your Time

Make it a habit to set goals that you want to achieve in a certain amount of time. This way you will work in a calculated manner and won’t spend a lot of time reading articles on this new guide or that.


Different People Have Different Opinions

Everyone loves to share their opinions to whoever listens. Its human nature. And while people usually share honest views, they might sometimes be influenced or biased by this reason or that.

And everyone has different experiences with different things. If a plugin has worked wonders for one designer, it may not have the same results in the situation you want it in. Take people’s opinions as insights but use your intuition to make final decisions. Do more research if you have to. In short, don’t take someone’s word for it.


Learn to Tune Out Information

Information on the internet is constant. Every time you check your phone, go to your followed sites, check social media or get subscription emails, you will have new information. This tends to get overwhelming. Therefore, it is always a good idea to learn to tune out some information and not make it a habit to check every new update religiously. Take regular breaks, unfollow redundant and repetitive sources.