Artificial Intelligence: What the future holds?

Artificial Intelligence is revamping the face of every task that we carry out; the way we think, talk, work and experience moments around us is being redefined. Critics fear that AI would make jobs obsolete and would surpass human intelligence however, advancements in AI are bursting these myths with every passing day. In fact, AI is proving to be a great tool to augment human efficiency to an unthinkable level.

While AI has yet to prove itself in many fields of application and across industries, it has made some breakthrough revolutions in communication. Be it, Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa, AI is being widely adopted by these tech giants. Existing applications are constantly being upgraded to make effective use of this technology. One such example is of Microsoft PowerPoint which recently launched 'Presenter Coach'. This new powerful tool gives you real-time feedback while you are practicing your presentation in front of the screen. Gone are the days when you had to bug your friends to listen to your pompous speech. Presenter Coach goes a step further and shares statistics on a dashboard-like platform regarding pace, filler words, etc. All the 'Ummm' and 'Eh' could now be controlled with reasonable practice, screen reading during a presentation would be identified, sensitive words that you want to do away with would also be caught during rehearsal saving you from all sorts of embarrassment on the final presentation day.

Decklaration Presentation Design.jpg

The recent updates in PowerPoint are not only limited to presentation skills. Microsoft went a step further and used AI in slide design as well. A single word or phrase entered in the title box would now generate several design suggestions for you to choose from. These designs could later be customized for one's brand guidelines and requirements using AI's ability to train machines to predict patterns.

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AI, if put in simpler terms, is a way to run meta-analysis using data science and algorithms to make your machines intelligent and smarter. With each analysis, the machine can draw patterns which would produce desirable results. Every development in the field of AI is an awestruck moment for tech experts and innovators and the world can't wait to see how AI unfolds the future!

Inspiration: Microsoft PowerPoint gets an AI presentation coach