Nest Generation Storytelling; Taking Weather Report to Next Level

Gone are the days when you would watch weather updates on a boring plain screen. Audience now needs something more captivating and The Weather Channel found the absolute creative way to do that. TWC employed the latest broadcast technology called Immersive Mixed Reality to blow its audience away. With graphics that can put reality to shame, TWC launched its debut which featured a full-blown tornado right inside the studio. It showed walls ripping apart, windows shattering, lamp posts falling and cars smashing right inside the studio while the anchorman kept on reporting; ducking for safety from the catastrophic tornado throughout. The report presentation is so real that you would get adrenaline rush just by watching it on your screens; it’s no less thrilling than the most thrilling ride in your favorite play land. According to the creators at TWC, Immersive Mixed Reality uses real-time graphic renderings and highly advanced visual effects to create something this powerful; all with the purpose to leave a lasting impression on their audiences. Graphics for this new broadcast comes from Unreal Engine, which is famous in the video game industry because of creating amazing 3D simulations.

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