7 Best Trends of Social Media Marketing

In this digital era, social media marketing has become a new cool. Businesses have adapted this form of marketing because of its effectiveness in grabbing customers attention. With millions of people using social media platforms including all sorts of ages, this form of marketing has become essential to connect with your customers worldwide any time of a day, to increase awareness about your brand and ultimately boosting your sales.

Over 91% of the marketers claimed that their brand visibility and heightened user experience was increased by spending only a few hours.

Therefore, this cost effective, stress free and profitable form of digital marketing is preferred nowadays. There are many social media trends that are followed every year on different platforms. Each year brings new social media trends with itself which every person follows crazily. This article will discuss some of the best social media trends of 2019 to help you make yourself or your business visible. 

1. Live Video Chat

This trend started in 2017 on Facebook. It still continues to thrive as many celebrities, activists, brand ambassadors or others continue to communicate with their fans or customers with going Live on Facebook or on Instagram as well. According to a recent study, 95% of the brand executives say it will remain a crucial part of our marketing strategy. Also, 82% customers say they would rather watch Live videos than read social media posts. This feature has become very useful for streaming important events Live anywhere in the world.

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2. Creating Private Groups and Accounts

Some famous brands, memes or celebrities accounts have become private to drive up the interest of their target audience. This is a psychological tactic to urge the curiosity of the fans or customers by closing your account to general public. In return, the response such accounts received was overwhelming. Similar is the case with groups, which are forums for the exchange of information or products, used the same tactic to increase their membership.

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3. Building Chatbots

Internet chatbots have been here for quite a long time. Businesses are using chatbots to communicate with their customers, which can be known as conversational commerce. These chatbots are programmed with automatic responses to the queries and complaints from customers. Facebook Messenger support this feature along with many platforms as well. Pizza Hut and many fast food chains are one of the prominent examples.

4. Sponsored Advertisements

Every brand, either big or small, are seen promoting their products or services with the help of sponsoring advertisements in different social media platforms, or sponsoring various famous accounts in Instagram or Facebook. These sponsored advertisements are now also featured in the stories of social media platforms and also in the middle of videos on YouTube. This shows how companies are inclined towards social media advertisements.

5. Influencer Marketing

Nowadays many people have hopped on to the blogging bandwagon which includes blogging about food, lifestyle, fashion, makeup and so much more. This blogging gives them a status of influencer means the one who influences someone’s life by content writing i.e blogging. Companies see a lot of potential in it as millions of people follow such influencers religiously. Therefore, companies send their products to such influencers to endorse their brand. These influencers also become brand ambassadors of such companies.

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6. Stories Everywhere

These stories are ephemeral content which lives up to only 24 hours. Snapchat was the first one to introduce such stories along with many filters in it. These helped people to record and coverage their daily life routine and important events. Later, Facebook, Instagram and now YouTube have also started to follow the same footsteps. People find it more authentic than a sponsored advertisement because of its short Live coverage.

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7. Employee Created Content

Employees are the trusted influencers because influencers’ endorsements are considered fake while endorsement from employees seems more genuine. Encouraging your employees to talk about your brand will result in more brand awareness. This will also help in empowering the opinions of employees and will contribute to more employee engagement and their betterment. Thus, employees are the best way to humanize and personalize your company’s image.