5 Tips on Delivering an Effective Virtual Presentation

One subject that is not given due importance in the presentation design realm is virtual presentation (a.k.a webinar, web seminar, e-seminar and web conference).

Come to think of it, businesses are also going global with the advent of globalization so marketing your business virtually should be as important as doing it physically.

That said, the preparation, actual delivery and following up on a virtual presentation doesn’t have the same dynamics as a presentation in person. If not carried out carefully, a virtual presentation can have many pitfalls as the environment of delivery is different as well as the perspective of the audience.

With the world becoming more virtual every day, it is imperative that your virtual presentation is also kick-ass. So we’ve gathered a few tips that can help you prepare and deliver an effective virtual presentation.

1. A Simple Design Goes a Long Way

There are a lot of webinar software out there but most of them are limited in their ability to handle more advanced features of PowerPoint such as gradients or animation. Our suggestion, keep the design of your presentation to just the basics; solid color backgrounds, high-res images and Windows compatible fonts work the best.

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2. Interaction with the Audience

In virtual presentation, you are at a disadvantage of not being face to face with your audience. Therefore, you need to find ways to keep your audience interacted with you and to keep their interest in your presentation. Polling is one idea.

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3. Have Help

Do not try to multi-task and host a webinar on your own. It is advisable to have someone with you to assist with the technical aspects of a webinar, managing polls and follow up questions and handle any technical issues so that you can have all the focus on delivery.

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4. Follow Up

Try to answer all the questions without going over the specified time of a presentation. If you feel you cannot answer all of them live, note down the details of audience members and follow up with a personal response or record all questions and answer them on your blog individually.

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5. Practice

If you thought practice is important for a face to face presentation, know that it is even more crucial for a virtual presentation. It doesn’t just means practicing the content but getting the hang of the webinar platform as well. You don’t want to end up with software glitches during your presentation just because you didn’t get familiar with it beforehand. Practice is only going to help you with an effective delivery.

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