4 Ways to Make Brainstorming Sessions More Constructive

Brainstorming sessions are where creative ideas take birth. The importance of these sessions is the same in any industry which thrives on creativity and innovation. While the word brainstorming resonates with a group of people gathered together to share ideas, brainstorming can also be an individual task. Both ways, the starting point of any great idea is brainstorming. So, following are some key factors how one can make the most out of brainstorming sessions and make them successful.

Brainstrom for questions instead of solutions:

HBR’s article “Better Brainstorming“ proposed and explained this technique. Instead of focusing on solutions, ask the group to come up with new questions. This will help you explore untouched areas of the problem.


There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Idea

First ideas are rarely the best but without these initial ideas, you will never get to the perfect solution. So, know this, there’s no such thing as a bad idea. Don’t be hasty to throw out ideas. Write all of your ideas and from everyone else down and keep ‘em coming! At the end, go through all of them to choose the best one or a combination of a few.

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Give It Time

The pressure of time is the biggest killer of creativity. That is why, giving ample time to brainstorming sessions is important to extract the most value out of it. Make special arrangements to hold the session as opposed to fitting one in an already busy schedule. It is always a good idea to keep some buffer time between the time decided for the session and the next appointment to accommodate anything taking up a longer time than usual.


Take a Breather

Corresponding to the point above, brainstorming sessions can be exhausting. So, take breaks. It is normal to have a creative block after you have used all the energy of your mind in the brainstorming session. It’s important to have short breathers in between the session to reset and refresh. A 15-minute break every hour or so ensures optimal output.

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No matter how creative the team is, it is a challenge to come up with good ideas for your next big project or presentation and it requires time. A brainstorming session done correctly is not only good for your business but is also a good mental exercise for you and your team.