How to create SEO content strategy?

Search engine optimization is a process of getting quantity and quality of traffic to your website from search results on search engines. To get the traffic, you must rank on the above top three from search results. For this purpose, strategies for SEO content are made to attract the traffic towards your website by following various steps. Here’s a super quick guide on how to create a SEO content for your website:


1- Determine your Topic

Before outlining your content, you must know what to write about. Therefore, you must begin by considering your area of interest or your brand’s current need. You must express what you want to offer to your audience. Determining your topic will guide your audience research, help you choosing your target keywords and develop content strategy according to your topic.

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2- Define your target audience

You must consider your target audience before developing your SEO content so that you get quality of traffic on your website. You can choose your target audience by who your competitors are targeting, which customers are benefiting from your products/services or you can also conduct customer survey to choose your target audience. Identifying your target audience will help you choose your target keywords accordingly.

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3- Choose your target keywords

At first, you must research your keywords which are most commonly searched by your audience. After creating a database of keywords, qualify which keywords to use. There are certain standards and methods on which you qualify your keyword. These are:

  • Search the volume of your word from Google keyword planner

  • Check the trend of your keyword from Google Trends.

  • Determine the user engagement with your keyword simply by using forums where potential customers gather online and engage with that particular keyword.

  • To find whether other websites link to your keywords used in your SEO content

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4- Create search intent strategy

It is a fundamental step for your SEO content success. At first, you need to analyze where your main topic and your target keywords have been used and where such websites are ranked in search engine. If you find blog posts on it, then you must develop a blog posts on target keyword. If there are majority of product pages on it, then create a product page. The main purpose of this strategy is to satisfy the search intent means what that search engine is looking for and what it wants.

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5- Develop your content strategy

To strategize your SEO content, you must go through a content production process. At first you must make a content brief where your topic, you target keywords, differentiation techniques will be outlined for your content. Send this content brief to your writer for further content developing, assign this content to graphic designer to add designs in it. Make sure you content and designs are reviewed by an expert and there are no grammatical mistakes in it.

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6- Optimize your content

Optimizing your content will ultimately optimize your website page. After outlining your content brief, you must give the perfect headline/ title to your content. Then figuring out the right length of your content which will work best for your target audience. Choose the right kind of language and such keywords which will relate to your topic and your audience. Make sure you use a keyword while making a title or a headline for your content so that it ranks above in search engines.

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