[Giveaway] Free Icon Packs for Websites and Presentations

For the web page or the presentation, icons have been used for a long time now. They are useful as they allow you to divert the attention of reader towards intended message.

The icons should be eye-catching, aesthetically appealing and more importantly self-explanatory. Like everything else icon designs changes from time to time. Latest approach to icon design is minimalist with sleek lines and single tone colors.

Today we are giving away our meticulously designed icons including landmark skyscrapers from six metropolitan cities (Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, London, Karachi) .

*Free for commercial use.
Icon Pack - Marketing - Sales - Finance - Websites - Presentations - Decklaration.png

Click here to download 48 icons pack. Useful for websites and presentations for businesses relating to social media, marketing, finance and sales.

Landmarks - Skyscrappers - Icons - Decklaration.png

Click here to download Free vector icons / illustrations of Al Jawhara Tower, Big Ben, Kingdom Tower, Doha Tower, Burj Khalifa and Bahria Town ICON.