6 Most Common Web Design Problems and Their Solutions

The success of a website is measured by how effectively it is communicating with the visitors.

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On this note, following are some common problems that developers overlook while designing a website and how these issues can be solved.

Problem 1: Unclear Objective

Any visitor coming to the website should be able to tell instantly what the website is about. Users are likely not visit the website again if they cannot understand the purpose of its existence. 



Evaluate whether the website is serving the purpose it is created for; whether all the CTAs are clear and each element in the design is helping the overall objective rather than competing with it.

Problem 2: Imbalanced Colors

Colors used in the web design effects the user’s psychology. The effect can be subtle or obvious. To not have the perfect balance between the colors is one of the common problems that leads to an ineffective web design.



Make sure that the choice of colors does not affect readability of the website. Moreover, make sure that the use of colors is consistent throughout and in line with the overall theme. Don't go rainbows over the website. Decide a three to five color palette and stick to it.

Problem 3: Clutter

In today’s world where minimalism is all the rage, how do you think a cluttered web design would fare?! A busy page full of clutter with information overload poses serious problems when it comes to the effectiveness of the web design.



Make sure that important information is not drowned in the sea of clutter and that the content is organized. A minimal approach of web design where there is more control over the message works best.

Problem 4: Unclear Images

Images are the first things that a visitor connects with when visiting a website. Use of low quality, abstract or irrelevant images is one of the common problems in web design that hinders the communication with users.



Use images that is of good quality, has colors that corresponds with the theme colors of the website and complements the content and the message of the website.

Problem 5: Complicated Navigation

A website has some pages that are more important than some others. How these pages are displayed help a user go to his required information. Designers often make a mistake of making the navigation menu much too complicated in an attempt to display it all, resulting in a user finding it difficult to reach the desired content.



Decide which pages/sections need to be prioritized then make them more prominent in your navigation. There are innumerable different styles of displaying navigation tabs on a website, choose the best fit with the web design.

Problem 6: Use of Whitespace

A poor use of whitespace is the biggest reason why a minimal web design fails. Whitespace helps in promoting a clear message but the wrong use of it distracts the visitor and the message is lost in space.



Find the purpose of whitespace in the webs design and decide whether to use less of it or more