Our Business Model

We, at Decklaration, believe in the power of content and the wonders it can do to send a compelling message to the target market which translates into more clients, more business. We take care of everything so that you can focus more on the operational side of the business. We make presentations which are not just bullet points crammed into slides. Our presentations are engaging and memorable.

At Decklaration, we guarantee increased sales by engaging your customers. We help you make the right impact through creative and insightful storytelling.  

We boast market competitive rates and we can afford that because we have an offshore office in Lahore, the design capital of South Asia.

We have a team of young, highly talented individuals in our Lahore office who are more than capable of handling all kinds of client requests.

Our hourly rates:

Per hour rates
Personnel Offshore Onshore
Designer $15 $50
Sr. Designer $25 $100
Director $50 $150