Top Graphic Design Trends of 2018

Its October which means we have had almost the entire 2018 to figure out what trends have caught on this year and how they have panned out. Today we’ll look at some of the top trends in graphic design which took the design world by storm this year.

Color Channels

The Color Channel effect gives the design a feeling of distorted reality or a hallucination and it has worked pretty well as a trend in 2018. We have seen it in artwork for movies and serials in more of a sci-fi/thriller category.

Presentation Design Agency - Decklaration.png


Remember the corrupted image effect which looked really annoying, well it was the most popular trend of the digital world this year. While it was popular with horror movies for a long time, this year it has taken over the design world to give a more broody, abstract feel.

Top presentation Agency NY - Deckkaration.jpg

Negative Space

Negative space in definition is the empty space in a design which forms a distinctive space. Using this negative space as a major design element has become a popular trend lately.

decklaration - Top NY Design Studio.jpg


Combine bright colors with a 3D combination and you’ve got yourself a winner! This design is a client favorite for when they ask for “something that pops”. We are also ready to bet this is the trend that will well go into 2019 top trends as well.

Decklaration Design Studio NYC.jpg

Photos and Illustrations

A trend which has been quite interesting this year is using illustrations with photos in an act of sheer creativity. Instead of using plain photos, boosting them up with digital photos brings out a unique edginess of the design which is so aesthetically pleasing.

Presentation Consulting - Decklaration.jpg


Creative typography is leading the digital design world for many years and it is here to stay. Whether it is cropped, chaotic or using real life elements, the creative element in this design trend is limitless.

Decklaration Presentation Design Agency.jpg


2018 was most easily the year of ‘doubles’. We saw a rise in double exposure designs and a newer trend of using double exposure with duotone as well as using double light from two sources or color channel splitting.

Dual Exposure Effect - Decklaration.jpg