Creating a Deck is Like Solving a Puzzle

 Puzzle face

Irene Shih has a fresh take on the Petraeus & Broadwell scandal. She talks about "our human fascination with narrative hindsight" and how we like to sum up that kind of analysis in a nutshell. She goes on to talk about how we try to make sense of relationships by putting moments together: 


Consider how we construct a jigsaw puzzle ... We constantly refer to the picture on the box, the whole we intend to recreate. Lives, of course, don’t come with a picture on the box. All relationships start with moments and anecdotes. Pieces. The more ambitious of us start clumping these right away, closing the gap between one story and another, forcing assumptions about this other person as we do. Eventually, we claim to wholly know them.

There is a parallel to building a deck. A deck is basically a set of thoughts (pieces of the puzzle) that we are trying to put together to tell a coherent story.

Sometimes I get frustrated when a deck does not come together as fast as the thoughts in my head. Eventually if I invest the time, the puzzle does complete.

So keep at it. The deck does come together.

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