Rewiring Capitalism: We Need a Narrative We Can Believe In

David Grayson has a nice article in the Guardian around how we need a new narrative around capitalism. In the article he points to a few efforts that are aiming to do just that. Here are a few:

  • Initiative Mapping: Cranfield School of Management is mapping initiatives/organizations that are working towards a renewal of capitalism
  • Manifesto for Long-term Capitalism: McKinsey managing partner Dominic Barton's manifesto for "long-term capitalism"
  • Social Enterprise: BCG's effort around leaving a "beneficial impact on the world around us"

Grayson touches on the pessimism that one can feel ... it is easy to be skeptical. Living "prosperously while remaining within planetary boundaries" might not be possible. On the flipside, as Jo Confino puts it:

If we aren't able to showcase a plausible paradigm shift, then no one is going to feel safe letting go of the current system that is driving us towards the edge of an environmental and social abyss

Full article here.

[Image credit Henry Collins Brown]