Strategy Pyramid

As we all know the Banking industry is going through a tremendous amount of change. Most leaders in a bank should be trying to determine the future of the banking sector (and those that are not will be left behind).

So if I was asked by the CEO of a bank determine the "future of the banking sector" and to help develop their 5 year strategic plan to get there, I would take Stakeholder Capitalism and adjust the Bank's "Mission, Values and Vision" based on the broader set of stakeholders (society, employees etc). Based on the updated mission, values and vision, I can go about developing the strategy.


Mission: why we exist?
Values: what is important to us?
Vision: what we want to be?
Strategy: how we will get there?

Effectively the the strategy will support the missions, vision and values .


[I got the inspiration for the pyramid design from M2P]

Salahuddin KhawajaComment