I was asked to build a Townhall presentation a week ago. It was more of a visual presentation (as opposed to the Deck based presentations that I typically create).

There were two themes: Teamwork and the Long Road ahead. Let me tackle the first one in this post.

The group I work in at JP Morgan has accomplished a lot over the last few years. So the first theme was around how "teamwork" has gotten us this far. I looked at my usual website for pictures (iStockphoto, Google Images) and could not find an appropriate image that would support that topic.

I had recently found 500PX (a photo community) and thought I would see if they had a picture that would meet my needs. When I looked there, I found this image:

This really did hit the nail on the head. Conveyed that we had gotten this far because of teamwork. And, even better it teed up the next topic of the long journey ahead. [Link to image - great shot by Bodan Stefan]

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