Rule VI: Leverage a Library

In the fast-paced world we live we do not have the time to keep re-inventing the wheel. There is no need to. So when it comes to building deck, always leverage a library.

Over the years, building thousands of deck, I have plucked my best slides and put them into a deck I call the “Timesaver”. It has been a true labor of love. Its invaluable to me now.

It especially comes in handy when I am having a brain camp. Perusing it helps get the creative juices going. I pick the slide that closely matched what I am trying to create and use it as a starting point.

The slides in my Timesaver can be broken up into 4 sets:

Set 1: One Pager - consider this the work bench. It has basic objects that are frequently used.

Set 2: Objects and Models - set of objects and models that can be used for visuals.

Set 3: Executive Summary - standard one page executive summary templates that helps convey a concise synopsis.

Set 4: Frameworks and Methodologies - established problem solving frameworks and methodologies.

My timesaver is now over 150 slides and has proprietary client content. Over the next few months I will genericize it and start sharing it. Stay tuned.