Rule V: Focus on Composition

Focusing in composition will help convey a complex message in a way that is easily understandable. It will provide context and allow readers to skim content quickly.

By following these rules, your writing will be informative and direct.

conventional rules

Principle 1 Rules: a) Use correct grammar punctuation & spelling b) Follow conventional rules

 Use clear, concise and precise language

Principle 2 Language: a) Use clear, concise and precise language b) Utilize  ethical and inoffensive language 

 Focus writing on the subject matter

Principle 3 Substance: a) Focus writing on the subject matter b) Align writing  with the deliverable objective

 Group thoughts into clusters

Principle 4 Structure: a) Group thoughts into clusters b) Sequence thoughts logically

 Distill your message (levels of details)

Principle 5 Leveling & Labeling: a) Distill your message into varying levels of details b) Using headings to label content

 Use active voice (vs. passive voice)

Principle 6 Voice & Tone: a) Use active voice vs. passive voice b) Express ideas in positive terms

Focusing on composition will help you tell a compelling story. That is key to getting your message heard.