Rule IV: Solve a Problem

A Deck should solve a problem. The easiest and most effective way to solve a problem is use a  methodical approach.

Management consultants typically use 4 basic principles to go about solving a problem:

 A Deck should solve a problem and the way to solve a problem is use a  methodical approach

Principle 1: Process - A methodical process should be used to find the right viable solution, not just any solution.

Principle 2: Organization - Divide the problem into smaller discreet parts such that there is no overlap, no gaps.

Principle 3: Frameworks – Use frameworks to structure your analysis and help support the conclusions reached.

Principle 4: Focus - Problems can be complex – typically with little effort a major part of the problem can be solved. So focus on what is important.

I have used this approach to much success on dozens of projects ranging from complex Vendor Evaluations to high level Strategy Assessments.