Rule I: Understand the Canvas


Understanding the setting of the slide is fundamental to building a deck. Over the years building thousands of decks for various organizations, I have fine tuned the slide setting, or as I call it the “slide canvas”. The canvas is structured into 6 distinct components:

  1. Headline: is a short title describing the slide
  2. Lead: is a brief, sharp statement summarizing the slide
  3. Body: is the core part of the slide (also known as the Storybox)
  4. Logo: is the company logo displayed for branding purposes
  5. Page number: is a number in the middle of the slide reflecting the slide number
  6. Designation: The Department or Project Name is displayed to further brand the deck

There is a purpose behind the placement of each one of these components. Also, note that the white space is not just blank space, its an important design element. White-space neatly separates the components of the slide and provides balance. Psychology research confirms that white space improves the comprehension of information.

Content should be restricted into the following 3 components: Headline, Lead and Body.

(Also, content should not bleed into the border of the slide. I will talk more about that in a future post.)