Death By Bullets

10 Billion presentations are created every year . According to Guy Kawasaki 95% are bad - they do not convey the intended message.

Bullets do kill in this case. PowerPoint bullets that is.

Following 7 Deck rules will help you speed up the  document creation process so that you can convey your  message in a  compelling and insightful way.

Be in the Top 5%. Avoid Death by Bullets. Follow 7 Deck Rules and standout.

*10 Billion Calculation: in 2009 Microsoft estimated that 30 Million presentations are created in PowerPoint alone every day. Given there are other presentation creation software (Keynote, Prezi) and there has been some growth, conservatively we can increase the daily county by 30% to 39 Million. 250 working days gets us to 10 Billion every year.

 Death by Bullets - 95% presentations created suck.