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Visual conversations, visible results

Imagine siting in a conference room listening to an executive speak about the performance of your company in the last quarter all the while looking at the text ridden slides being displayed on the projector.

Text, text everywhere. Wake me up when its time for refreshments!

Do you feel lost? Perhaps, a nagging sensation that urges you to look at your beautiful phone screen instead of the dull slides?

You are not alone!


Think about it.

All the time and opportunities wasted with awful bullet-point presentations and poorly designed websites that fail to grab the attention of the audience. 

Just imagine the value you could get from using compelling visual presentations. How thankful your audiences would be. How successful you could be.


Text with a proper narrative supplemented by visuals. Now you're talking!


We believe in the simple power of great design


We are a design studio based in New York and Lahore.

From content creation to story-boarding, we take care of everything. We design presentations that deliver your message in a powerful and compelling way. Oh, and we build great websites too. We have a knack for managing social media campaigns as well as delivering results through effective search engine optimization. You name it, we do it.


We focus on:

Presentation Design

Website development

Website UI/UX Design

SEO / Email Marketing


believe in


Deliver your message in a powerful and compelling way.

Hire resource at per hour price.

Per hour rates
Level Offshore Charges Onshore Charges
Designer 15$ / hour 50$ / hour
Senior Designer 25$ / hour 100$ / hour
Director 50$ / hour 150$ / hour

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Decklaration makes ideas blossom. Whenever I review the final product, I just know that is how I had pictured it in my mind.

JD Lanigan

Performance Consulting

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